Facilitating Disaster Relief with AquaDam

Flood Disaster Relief AquaDam

AquaDam installation post inundation - following a natural disaster resulting in flooding below waist depth AquaDam can be deployed to swiftly bring important buildings such as medical centres, aid distribution centres and worker accommodation back into operation. AquaDams can be carried, towed by small boat, or air dropped, into the operational area. AquaDams are considered suitable for air drop from helicopters.

Equipment for installation is a single low cost, man portable, 3 inch gasoline water pump. In extremis, the use of large teams with simple buckets is possible.

Citizen Installation with modest guidance from a trained relief worker. Relief worker training is delivered via image intensive, water proof, quick start guides supplemented by a short video presentation accessible via internet connected smart phones.

125m flood barrier AquaDam
AquaDam Mobile Flood on a trailer

The flood barriers are designed for flood depths up to 80cm to 60cm depending upon model selected.

AquaDam can be supplied to National Governments, NGOs and charities via outright purchase or other arrangements by negotiation.
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